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सपना और जज़्बा किसी उम्र का मोहताज नहीं होता

सपना और जज़्बा किसी उम्र का मोहताज नहीं होता। सपना देखो। रात-दिन-उठते-बैठते उसी के बारे में सोचो। साकार हो जाएगा।
1.Meenakshi Amma dreamt about learning Martial Arts of Kerala from age of 6 years. Now she is 78 yrs and teaching martial arts to thousands of people.
2.Arunima Sinha was thrown out of train by robbers-her one leg had to be cut, but climbed Mt. Everest with one leg only.
3. V.Nannamal at the age of 98, has taught yoga to 10 lakh people, still teaches Yoga.

Congrats! Supreme Court passes historic judgement declaring TripleTalaq

Congrats! Supreme Court passes historic judgment declaring #TripleTalaq as illegal & states that it is not essential & integral part of Islam. It directed Central govt to pass Law regulating marriage&divorce in Muslims. It was a long battle for poor, helpless Muslim women against this evil practice starting from Shah Bano to Shaira Bano. The then Rajiv Gandhi govt surrendered in front of fundamentalists. Kudos to the present govt which supported Muslim women and stated in Court that it was not a Hindu-Muslim issue but a struggle between powerful Muslim men(Haves) & helpless Muslim women(The Have nots) in their quest for gender justice & right to live with dignity.

Honoured to be Speaker in Lucknow.

Honoured to be Speaker before gathering of 5000 academicians, Intellectuals and students in LUCKNOW.
-Students must DREAM BIG- Be fearless, have strong character, must work for self n for progress of Nation. Swami Vivekananda said: U are the creator of your  own Destiny.

Honoured to be Felicitated in Lucknow.

Honoured to be felicitated in Lucknow where I CHALLENGED those who want to divide country on caste and communal lines-
है लड़ना ही तो मिलके लड़ो भूख से, जो भूख सारे देश को है खा रही ।
लड़ना है तो लड़ो जाति पाति से, जो फूट है हमारे घर जला रही।
है खेलना ही खून से तो आओ फिर,
है सीमा देश की तुम्हे बुला रही ।

Honoured to be Speaker on Uniform Civil Code before Advocates in Delhi.

-Uniform Civil Code is not about any Religion or against anyone.
-It’s about Whether Secular country like India shld have One law for all or not?
-Whether women have right to live with equality, freedom n dignity or not?
OR Whether is it too much  to ask for ?15202499_1276035542467705_8094062513822393430_n