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Honoured to be Speaker in Lucknow.

Honoured to be Speaker before gathering of 5000 academicians, Intellectuals and students in LUCKNOW.
-Students must DREAM BIG- Be fearless, have strong character, must work for self n for progress of Nation. Swami Vivekananda said: U are the creator of your  own Destiny.

Honoured to be Felicitated in Lucknow.

Honoured to be felicitated in Lucknow where I CHALLENGED those who want to divide country on caste and communal lines-
है लड़ना ही तो मिलके लड़ो भूख से, जो भूख सारे देश को है खा रही ।
लड़ना है तो लड़ो जाति पाति से, जो फूट है हमारे घर जला रही।
है खेलना ही खून से तो आओ फिर,
है सीमा देश की तुम्हे बुला रही ।

Honoured to be Speaker on Uniform Civil Code before Advocates in Delhi.

-Uniform Civil Code is not about any Religion or against anyone.
-It’s about Whether Secular country like India shld have One law for all or not?
-Whether women have right to live with equality, freedom n dignity or not?
OR Whether is it too much  to ask for ?15202499_1276035542467705_8094062513822393430_n

At INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE As Speaker at Program of Ekal Abhiyan

At INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE as Speaker at progm of Ekal Abhiyan which is Single teacher school in villages n tribal areas.They r now in 53000 villages.They give education n thru it give Sanskar, healthy living, do de-addiction, village development. Act as a bridge between rich n poor & ask every person to adopt one village.
This really is BHARAT MATA KI JAI.

So Proud to live in India of today.

1. Surgical Strike on terror funding, black money and fake currency.
2. PM asking with folded hands that I have left everything to serve nation. Give me 50 days to change future of country.
3. People in long lines but saying it does not matter. We can do this bit for our country.
4. Residents serving water, tea, fruits, langer to those in long lines.
5. Citizens happy and feel Acche din aa rahe hain.
6. Selfish people like Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi etc crying as black money gone n people ignoring them.