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Who should be given credit for ending TripleTalaq?

Who should be given credit for ending #TripleTalaq? Firstly-the Muslim women, secondly Hon’ble Supreme Court& thirdly Present Modi Govt who supported them by taking a stand in Supreme Court that #TripleTalaq is inhuman,barbaric&illegal. It further said that it is not a Hindu-Muslim issue but struggle of Muslim women for equality freedom and dignity.

Sukma attacks by naxals on CRPF today

Sukma attack by Naxals on CRPF today:
Naxalites don’t want any development eg road, bijli, paani, school, hospital to reach tribals. Hence regularly attack Jawans protecting & overseeing construction of roads. Today in Sukma, Chattisgarh also such Jawans who were protecting construction of roads were killed. Urban Naxals in Delhi cry that in Tribal areas there is NO DEVELOPMENT & hence blame govt. But reality is that Naxals & Maoists do not allow govt to develop tribal areas because if tribals develop, Naxals will loose their hold over them & cannot extort hundreds of Crores from area. But Naxals r fighting their last battle. Peace & development will prevail over violence.

Bharat Mata ki jai is when u work for 125 crore bhartiye.

Bharat Mata ki jai is when u work for 125 crore bhartiye. Lal Salaam of Naxalites, Maoist forces is when u talk of & work for breaking India.

Terrific speech on Gender Equality by Monika Arora.

Great Speech! Gender Equality in Bhartiya Sanskriti by Monika Arora