Honoured to be Main Speaker in Himachal Pradesh High Court sharing dais with Chief Justice and all judges & lawyers as audience on Law Day 27 Nov at 4 pm in Shimla.
Who says our Constitution has been borrowed from other countries?
Article 1 says INDIA THAT IS BHARAT.
India gets its light & inspiration from BHARAT.
Bharat has taught India:
2.Truth is one but sages interpret it differently
3.Vasudhev Kutumbkam
4.Liberty, Equality, Bandhutva,
Vasudhev Kutumbkam
4. Sarve Dharam sambhav
5. Mahadev took avatar of Ardhnarishwar to show God is half man & half woman & hence no discrimination on gender
6. Kan-kan mein bhagwaan & so no discrimination on religion, caste, Lang, region.
7. Ram ate ber of Shabri (Scheduled tribe of today) so no untouchability.
The list goes on &on………….