Hate India Brigade You cried on the lynching of Aqlakh and Junaid but maintained a deafening silence on the stabbing of Kartik Chandra Ghosh in Bengal. You labeled entire India as intolerant on the murder of Aqlakh in 2016, thronged Jantar Mantar with # Not In My Name Campaign on the lynching of Junaid. Whereas investigation shows that Junaid died due to dispute over sharing of seat in train but most irresponsibly and as an Anti- National act YOU attached beef and skull cap to the killing of Junaid. Why and what for? THE NATION KNOWS IT ALL.

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Entire nation was branded as intolerant by the likes of you as soon as Modi government came to power with a huge mandate. YOU THE HAVES who have enjoyed the patronage of Congress- Communist nexus for long and have controlled public opinion through your spokespersons comprising of handful of journalists, professors, lawyers, NGOs, who could not digest a Chaiwala- “THE HAVE NOT” ruling Lutyen’s Delhi. Hence, you set the NARRATIVE that the Modi Government was intolerant to minorities, dalits and women.

You cherry picked the murders of Narendra Dhabolkar, Govind Pansare, and Kalbhurgi who insulted Hinduism and then blamed the Modi govt. for being intolerant to writers. Your loyalists like Nayantara Sehgal and 40 odd awardees were more than happy to return their awards to prove their loyalty to the Nehru -Gandhi family.

The issue of murder of Aqlakh was raised by you beyond national borders as if each and every Indian became intolerant and no Muslim was safe in India. This intolerance narrative continued till the result of Bihar elections was declared on 8 /11/2015 in which your favourite “Secular Alliance” of Nitish and Lalu Yadav won. Not a word on intolerance or any award returned after this day.

9th Feb. 2016 when Anti- India slogans were raised in JNU such as “Bharat tere tukde honge insha Allah, Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi,” YOU raised your Anti- India, Anti- Modi rhetoric and justified these Anti- National slogans as Freedom of Speech and Expression. Your propaganda machinery in the media, Universities, courts, NGOs etc. which always has been well oiled was initiated and YOU distracted the debate to demanding removal of Sedition law.

The nation could not believe that in your Anti- National, Anti- Hindu, Anti- Modi narrative, intellectuals like you who have been nurtured by the congress- communist nexus will fail to make the distinction between govt. and the NATION.YOU were comfortable with the likes of Owaisis in saying that “I will not say Bharat Mata ki Jai”. The reality is that nation never wanted you to do lip service to the motherland by chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai but believing in and working for Bharat tere tukde honge in your hearts and minds

YOU were seen advocating the cause of the terrorist Yakub Memon and forcing the Supreme Court to sit on midnight of July 2015 to hear his mercy petition. But shamelessly, in the same breath YOU called the Army Jawans in Kashmir as rapists and sexual assaulters and did not even spare the Chief of Army Staff and labeled him as “ Sadak Chhap Gunda.” Any self -respecting community can ill afford the cabal like you for whom the international terrorist becomes OSAMA JI and Chief of Army Staff becomes Sadak Chhap Gunda.

How can you not see that the people pelting stones at the Army are not innocent children who are trying to defend their Kashmiriyat. A normal child of India on seeing an Army Jawan says Jai Hind and does not dare to think of harming them. Regarding kashmiriyat, it died since long when lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus were forced to leave the valley or face death and now what is left in the valley is radical Islamiyat which shows itself often in the form of waving of ISIS – Pakistani flags, raising of Anti- India slogans etc. The nation feels ashamed of you when your Mani Shankar Aiyars embrace the terrorists/ Hurriyat leaders who insult the Indian Army every day.

YOU swear by Mahatma Gandhi and the Constitution of India more than Marx now a days just to show that you are more liberal than the liberals but butcher, cook and eat cows in the streets of Kerala to protest against the Government Notification on ban on sale -purchase of animals for slaughter in animal markets and smuggling of animals to Bangladesh. Intellectuals like YOU deliberately do not read a few pages of the Constitution of India which deal with prevention of cow slaughter Article 48 and the duty cast upon the govt. to prevent cruelty to animals.

Gau Rakshaks bother you but those butchering cows in the streets or smuggling them to Bangladesh for slaughter are seen as champions of Right To Eat and Right To Profession. Even the Prime Minister has castigated violence in the name of protection of cows but for YOU cow is Hindu and other animals are secular and hence only they are worth protection.

Indian nation is thousands of years old. When your masters in USSR were roaming in forests- uncivilized, we in India already had Vedas- the books of knowledge. Mahabharata was written by Ved Vyas, Ramayana by Valmiki. We have been hearing the pious relationship between Lord Ram and Shabri who was a tribal woman and also with Kewat who was a fisherman who was considered as his fifth brother by Lord Ram. Who does not know the strong bond between Lord Ram and Hanuman. The British created the atrocity literature exaggerating the atrocities committed within Hinduism on Shudras. We do not say that atrocities were not committed by the upper castes on the lower castes but majority of Hindus opposed the inhuman caste system and advocated for treating all as equal as our essential belief is Kan Kan mein Bhagwan. Hence, there is no distinction between a man, woman, an upper caste or a lower caste. But instead of bridging the gap, people like YOU always exploit the faultlines and have tried to pit one group against the other. How you exploited the incident of beating of 4 Dalits in Una, Gujarat and labeled all Hindus as anti-dalit. YOU conveniently chose to ignore that under UPA II more than 94 crimes were committed against dalits every single day between 2009- 2013 [ as per The National Crime Record Bureau Data (NCRB data)].

That under UPA Govt– 673 murders and 1557 rapes of dalits took place in 2011;
651 murders and 1576 rapes of dalits in 2012 ; 676 murders and 2073 rapes in 2013 i.e. 5 rapes every day. YOU never cried intolerance at that time and your conscience keepers did not return their awards. THE NATION KNOWS WHY.

Why is your Bhadralok of Bengal quiet on the genocide of Hindus and their exodus from Malda, Dhulagarh and now Bashirhat? Where is your freedom of speech brigade which supported the freedom of the painter Late Shri MF Hussain when he painted Bharat Mata as nude? The 17 year old boy Souvik Sarkar needs their support. Do not ask me who is Sauvik Sarkar. True, he is not MF Hussain or Kanhaiya Kumar. But he posted an objectionable post regarding Islam on Facebook. Police in Bengal arrested him. Police station at Baduria was gheraoed by Islamist mob shouting, Nara e Takbir -Allah ho Akbar through microphones and pressurizing the police to hand over the boy to them to be punished in accordance with Shariya Law i.e. punished to death for blasphemy. Therefafter, this radical Islamic mob went on a rampage and destroyed the properties and temples of Hindus shouting “Aryas go back. Not a word from your #Not InMyNameBrigade or your priests of freedom of speech? Does the little juvenile boy not deserve your sympathy? He is also of Junaid’s age. Or the fact remains that YOU will cry for Junaid but not for Sauvik or Kartik who was killed by this Jihadi mob a few days later.

My Hindustan becomes Lynchistan on the murder of Junaid but the nation was looking for you when thousands of Sikhs were lynched in the streets of Delhi by the Congress and also when Lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus were forced to leave Kashmir by the Islamists. The lynching of Dy.S.P. Ayub Pandit by Islamist mob in Kashmir or the killing of Lt. Fayaz in cold blood by terrorists- not a word from you. Obviously, they did not fit in your narrative.

The NATION has seen through your Anti- India, Anti- Hindu and Anti- Modi narrative which protects the jihadi –Mamata nexus in Bengal, justifies the terrorists in Kashmir and legitimizes the communist terror in Kerala. These are not isolated incidents but culmination of the pseudo secular mindset which protects the Jihadi-Leftist nexus which you so viciously defend. Time to pack your bags. THE NATION KNOWS IT ALL.


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  1. Thankur Shubra Sinha

    July 12, 2017 — 12:49 pm

    Excellent must be published in leading newspaper & cascaded among people all across the world

  2. Just too good,Monika, excellent!

  3. Salutes. A superbly crafted reply to the elements who are inimical to the identity India lives for for thousands of years and have been monstrosity striving to change it the way invaders of all hue wanted it to be. We need to fight back. Finding an inspiring persona in you.


  4. Nice blog ,But I think real enemies of India r not Pak or China ,the real traitors )enemy r these basters pseudocyst one more thing these people r playing in the hands of terrorists operative grps and acting as module govt must deal firmly with these people

  5. Totaly agree you nailed it!!

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