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My speech on Facts and Law regarding Aligarh Muslim University

What a terrific progm of Lawyers on Status of AMU

What a terrific program of Lawyers on Status of AMU. Hall was full of enthusiasts ready to learn & make society aware that AMU is not a minority institution but a Central University like Delhi University.

My speech in JNU on Kargil Vijay Diwas

How leftists have tried to brainwash our children in schools, what they teach in schools-how they alienate our children from our Nation

Sharia courts are unconstitutional and illegal

Sharia courts are unconstitutional and illegal. All India Muslim Personnel has no authority to establish Courts or appoint judges(Qazis). This is a counterblast to Supreme Court judgment on Triple Talaq and case hearing going on in Polygamy and Halala. It is a dangerous attempt to undermine the Rule of Law and Constitution as also to deny the right to live with equality, justice, and dignity to Muslim women.