Open letter to Intellectuals on BEEF BAN.
My dear Secularists!You are in trouble. Why you did not read the notification dated 23/05/2017 which is titled “Prevention of Cruelity to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules, 2017before provoking the students and people in IITs, Colleges, Kerala, West Bengal, North-East& before organizing beef parties and cutting 18 month old calf in full public view in Kerala in protest.
Poor 18 month old calf would have been saved had you taken out 10 minutes time from your busy evening NDTV debates and read the nine page Notification.

Dear intellectuals, while you were busy organizing meetings of Dog Lovers and how to prevent cruelty to dogs (which I really appreciate) and discussing how the horse “Shaktiman” was kicked,you failed to realize that Government of India has not dared to take away your right to serve and eat beef at such noble get togethers.
Liberals, while you spent all your life holding seminars in Lutyens Delhi and filing cases in Courts in India regarding prevention of cruelty to animals, I and this country hoped that you would take some time to read the draft of the present notification which was put in public domain on 16/01/2017 and suggestions were invited to be given in 30 days and this was pursuant to directions of the Supreme Court in the matter of Gauri Maulekhi Versus Union Of IndiaW.P.(C) No.881/2014 in which the Hon’ble Supreme Court had directed on 13/07/2015 to frame guidelines to prevent animals from beings smuggled out of India to Nepal where large scale animal sacrifice took place.

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Hon’ble Supreme Court had also directed the Central Government to draft and notify Rules regarding to live stock market and direction was given to frame such rules under Section 38 (1) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960.
My dear Animal Lovers, you being so busy hobnobbing from JNU to NDTV to Hurriyat Leaders, may be you did not get time to read the entire notification. Therefore, let me briefly state the main points of the notification which are as follows:
i. The rules are called “Prevention of Cruelity to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules, 2017 which are made under Section 38(1) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960.

ii. Cattle (Cow, Buffalo, Bull, Camel) cannot be brought to Animal Market for sale for slaughter or sacrifice.Cattle cannot be sold to a person outside the state without permission as per the state cattle prevention laws. When the cattle is sold proof of sale shall be given to purchaser, seller, Tehsil Office, Chief Veterinary Officer and to the Animal Market Committee.

iii. All existing Animal Markets will have to be registered within 3 months with the District Animal Monitoring Committee. The Committee shall ensure that Animal Market has adequate lighting, water, feeding area, Veterinary facility, toilets, provisions for disposal of dead animals etc.

iv. Cruel and harmful practices on animals including painting of horns, ear cutting in Buffaloes, making animals lay on hard ground, use of chemicals on body of animals, forcing animals to perform unnatural acts, nose cutting, ear slitting or cutting by knife or hot iron marking on animals for identification purposes etc. are prohibited.

v. Purchaser of cattle cannot sell animal for slaughter or sacrifice.

vi. Appointment of a Veterinary Officer to check the health of the animals.

vii. Prohibition of sale of unfit, ill and pregnant animals.

My dear intellectuals, from “Bharat tere tukde honge” to “Notification tere tukde honge” to “Cowtere tukde honge”, you never thought of reading and understanding the notification and jumped onto criticize, condemn and demolish it as beef ban.

My friends, I do not think that you go to animal market to purchase cow for slaughter and then eat it. Intellectuals like you, simply go to a shop, ask for a plate of beef and enjoy the luxury of eating beef discussing and debating how to reduce poverty in India.

So today also, you can very well go to the local shop keeper selling the delicacies of beef and eat it as you were eating earlier. This notification does not affect your right to eat beef. This notification only regulates the condition prevailing in the animal markets which were unhygienic and inhuman and suffocated the animals where 10 animals were put in a cage where only 5 could go in. Even Kerala High Court stated so recently in one of your petitions.

I am also sure that people like you who are the elite of society, opinion makers in the society are not affected by the notification which states that there will be no animal markets within 50 kilometers of International boarder or within 25 kilometers of State border.

My dear friends, entire India knows how you and your comrades have full faith in Constitution of India and Democracy because after the JNU incidentyou swore by the Indian Constitution much more than you swore by Marx saying “Bharat tere tukde honge” is Freedom of Speech under Article 19 of Constitution of India. I will remind you that the same Constitution of India by which you have been swearing also has Article 48 which directs Government to ban cow slaughter and Article 37 which says that Directive Principles of State Policy are fundamental to the governance of the country and the Government shall consider all of this in making policy.Reading of both the Articles together state that Government shall make a policy to ban cow slaughter in India.

I will also not remind you of how Mahatma Gandhi advocated for ban on cow slaughter and that worshiping of cow is fundamental and essential to Hinduism and it is protected under Article 25 of the Constitution of India under right to freedom of religion.

Kapil Sibal in the Hon’ble Supreme Court stated that Triple Talaq was fundamental and essential to Islam because it was practiced for over 1400 years. My dear intellectuals, may I remind you that worshiping of cow in India has been practiced for more than 5000 years.

Hon’ble Supreme Court in Mohd. Hanif Qureshi Vs. State of Biharhas stated that under Article 48, ban on cow slaughter is a valid law.

But why am I reminding you of the Constitutional provisions?You have such great intellectuals in media and battery of lawyers in Supreme Court who fight for your causes from Afzal Guru to Yakub Memon to Shahabuddin to Kanhaiya Kumar. But be careful, these lawyers have not reminded you that public butchering of an animal can land you in jail under Section 153A, 504, 505 IPC for causing grave provocation, promoting enmity, ill will, hatred, provoking breach of peace between variouscommunities. They have also not told you about the Apex Court judgment where it is categorically stated that slaughtering of animal can take place only in licensed slaughter houses and not anywhere and everywhere. Hence, you have right to eat but you do not have right to slaughter animals anywhere and everywhere. Laxmi Narayan Modi Vs UOIW.P.(C) 309 of 2003.

You cried for the stone pelters attacking the Indian Army, you shed tears at their wounds from the pellet guns and createdsympathy of the whole nation for those stone pelters. The scene of public butchering of 18 month old calf is more barbaric and more violent. Isn’t it?You could have uttered few words of sympathy for the poor calf who was murdered by the likes of you and more importantly it was murdered because you had not read the Government notification. So READ BEFORE YOU RIOT.


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  1. Abhishek Tiwari

    June 3, 2017 — 11:30 am

    Wow mam u did an awesome job…now from Ur article it’s Quite loud & clear that… Slaughing cow @ public place is not a Good protests plus One more thing I resume…..just like every human every animal also has its own right…I am vegiterain mam….now from now on I will help each & every needy animal…
    Have a nice day mam
    God bless u…

  2. If….

    ii. Cattle (Cow, Buffalo, Bull, Camel) cannot be brought to Animal Market for sale for slaughter or sacrifice.


    v. Purchaser of cattle cannot sell animal for slaughter or sacrifice

    Then how do I eat beef?

  3. Timely,appropriate eye opener for all & factual article in national interests.Abhinandan

  4. P.D.Fatehpuria

    June 3, 2017 — 11:53 am

    आँखे खोलने वाला लेकिन इन्हे कुछ कहना फिजूल ये दोगले हें

  5. Very good reply. I have a question. Is eating beef allowed in states where there is ban on cow slaughter.

  6. Very good article Monica hi.But the irony is the very people whom you address this piece will not read it.. Nevertheless very enlightening article with facts &logic

  7. Excellent thought provoking article. In the name of secularism so called intellectuals are opposing blindly everything and anything being introduced by this Government .

  8. Ajay Chaturvedi

    June 3, 2017 — 12:37 pm

    Well said!

  9. In Kerala men are butchered in broad daylight.Political terrorism is prevailing there.The situation is very precarious

  10. S L Chowdhary

    June 3, 2017 — 1:54 pm


  11. T.V.Padmanabhan

    June 3, 2017 — 4:34 pm

    Excellant article.

  12. Murali Krishnan

    June 3, 2017 — 5:26 pm

    Fully appreciate your views and the way you have snubbed the so called cocktail circuit intellectual who are only counting the other guys drinks. But please say how can you produce meat if cows, buffaloes, oxen etc can’t be sold for slaughter. Also we have not to provide a viable solution for he already overburdened farmer as to what he does with such animals that don’t yield milk.
    But personally I being a vegetarian & Hindu support vegetarianism​.

  13. The sickular liberals will choose not to
    understand because their paymasters across the border will not be pleased

  14. S balakrishnan

    June 3, 2017 — 10:37 pm


  15. Dear Monika ji,
    They will not understand what you are saying to them. You are a lawyer and you better know that they have committed a crime as per law so why dont you try to put them behind bars instead of prachin them such fools.

  16. Excellent. Request all to read

  17. So much impressed , but can not express. I have no language as l am an engineer , not an intellectual. Please be more public. Will the intellectuals understand ?

  18. Brilliant. Simply superb…!!!

  19. Mam, I have heard your speech once on red terror in Kerala. The impact of your speech is such, while reading, i felt like i am hearing you out. U make things so simple and interesting. True inspiration!

  20. P V Ranganathan

    June 4, 2017 — 4:12 am

    Most of our so called Intellectuals are anti National. So what else can you expect from them?

  21. I am.glad that someone could speak up his / her mind in this Muslim and Islam fearing anti hindu media

  22. Dr. A. V. Rao

    June 4, 2017 — 7:16 am

    How stupid are the so called pseudo intellectuals is clear to me after reading the notification
    Kudos to you
    Shame on these rioters

  23. sujit kumar dhar

    June 4, 2017 — 7:17 am

    We appreciate your feedback and also high lighted the mischief mongers who are following the divide and rule policy which they have received from British government as a gift to rule the country. Many regards.

  24. nav rattan singh

    June 4, 2017 — 8:01 am

    Dear Advocate, it appears you have not heard the Hindi proverb ‘ bhains ke aage been bajana’. Had you, you would not have wasted your precious time in penning down this article.

  25. Thanks for such straight from the heart article may god bless you ! Please do right more such blog


  27. Beautiful! A befitting reply to people who notwithstanding the unity & integrity of the country indulge in such acts, just to serve their selfish interests.

  28. Ankit pratap singh

    June 4, 2017 — 10:52 am

    Superb article,I hope that you are further able to share the information on a much larger scale and make our dormant public realize the deplorable state of psuedo intellectuals.

  29. Madam , you are reciting Geeta before donkeys . There is a saying in Marathi language pointing to its futility . Otherwise very appropriate .

  30. Great, reveal the true picture of seculars

  31. Well analysed and written in detail.
    N. Sekar.

  32. H V Chandrashekhara

    June 4, 2017 — 2:27 pm

    Time that saner sense prevail on these people with cruel mindset.

  33. Very good. Congrats. Jai Bharat!!!

  34. Excellent. Jai Bharat!!!

    People should be given the freedom to eat what they like Nobody got the right to steal another man’s freedomIt can be good or it can be bad for d body BUT ultimately it’s that person’s wish to eat, wht he likes
    God has sown the seeds. Choice is ours to pick the right seedNewton’s law will take care of the rest, that is the karma..

  36. Arun Tripathi

    June 4, 2017 — 4:51 pm

    A must read and an eye opener for so called sickular intellectuals. Can’t agree more

  37. Sushma Singh.

    June 4, 2017 — 5:26 pm

    मोनिकाजी आपने बहुत सही शब्दो मे इन झूठे सेक्युलर्स का पर्दाफाश किया है।जो घोड़े की टाँग टूटने पर हफ्तों टीवी पर नौटंकी करते रहे उसको उस बछड़े पर बिल्कुल दया नही आई।इन्हे ना किसी जानवर पर कोई दया है ,ना देश से कोई मतलब।

  38. madam………i pity you for taking so much pain to write to these SICKulars who DON’T WANT to understand.

  39. Excellent article.our so called intellectuals should b butchered first .secondly our elite jodless panelists on national or anti national TV like NDTV should b beaten with chappals in a public place.
    It was these people who said ‘afzal guru him sharminda hai~aapki qatil zinda hai’ in JNU campus.
    Presstitutes like burkha dutt,rajdeep sardedai should b publicly humiliated.

  40. Valentine Gasper

    June 6, 2017 — 3:18 am

    There is a certain amount of ‘Collateral Fallout’ which does affect some cattle which will remain unsold. The owner remains in dire need of cash and in addition has to feed the animal.
    Can you PLEASE turn your attention to DAIRY CATTLE … The cold blooded cruelty begins with Milk production.
    Half the calves are murdered at birth. The cow is exhausted in 7 years of its 28 year life cycle. Then discarded or sold for slaughter.
    This needs your serious study and attention.

  41. Manisha Koshy

    June 6, 2017 — 5:36 am

    Thank you thank u thank u…was waiting for somebody to take the lead and sort out this issue in people’s heads and demolish this mobile mentality that the so called intellectuals possess once it’s a question of what is taken away from their plate… I hope this nation seeso sense. More and more politicians need to come out and explain this in more detail like u have. I fear they too have not read the details of the law.

  42. They Donot want to read.They want to make only noise, so that their Existance is recognized.But inthe process,they confuse people and mislead who are not that much educated to understand the Govt order and its implications.Communist intellectuals are the dishonest and dangerous, because they kill the souls of the people.They can make people agitate , not to work, create unrest and violence, but can not make a person think positively and work more for the betterment of the country.

  43. Poonja Bellippady

    June 7, 2017 — 2:24 pm

    Well said Ms Monica .People jump without understanding​ the real contents of the notification.Very sad.

  44. Very good response. As for a few keralites who killed in public in the name of beef festivals, reflects the proof of the standards of literacy of the state which shouts from roof top about 100 percent literate state. 100 percent literacy would have created barbarians like we find in the jungles of Africa where the animals kill.

  45. It is fate of this nation , to explain teach mercy and concern to living creatures to others. If people can’t under this what especially they understand

  46. Thanks for the detailed article. Have read some of them earlier too. Yet I couldn’t find answers for 2 of my questions.

    1. Apart from cattle market, where will those farmers or cattle sellers sell their animals? Are there any data available from the govt in the public domain for the list of slaughter houses available across the country? Or by any other easy means to trade their old cattles?

    2. Also another question is instead of the outrightly ban, why couldn’t the govt ask for the intended purpose for selling the animal in the cattle market? Also by tightening the security on the border areas too, the govt could have achieved the interned results. Right? Isn’t complete ban like banning complete traffic as there are so much of accidents due to traffic?

  47. I agree with you,but at the same time who gives those so called gorakshaks the right to lynch & kill human beings in the name of protecting the cow.

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